21 Day Jump Start to that Bikini Body

Summer bodies are made in the winter!

How many of you need that “jump start” in the right direction to get ready for Summer? Whether it is to lose body fat, get past that dreadful plateau or get a push towards that healthy lifestyle, this program will benefit you!

I am here to help you through that 21 Day Jump Start and we will start on March 1st. Let’s get that ball rolling :)

Email me for more information at: leahferezanfitness@gmail.com

21 day

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from basil to pesto

The easiest herb I have ever grown has been basil. This summer my basil plant has seriously blossomed which meant it was time to make my homemade pesto!  The recipe calls for 5 simple ingredients.  Basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil, minced garlic, shredded parmesean and walnuts. It is summer in a bowl!

homemade pestoo






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