high school sweethearts [ an engagement ]

I am WAY overdue for this post about our engagement shoot which happened last October…  but it is better late than never right?!

 Chris and I met over eight years ago while in high school and have been together ever since.  I was ecstatic when he proposed in the Dominican Republic last January.  Not only do I get to marry my best friend, but I get to plan my dream wedding!

 As a wedding planner, I already knew what I wanted our engagement shoot to look and feel like.  Cozy blankets, warm apple cider and gorgeous fall foliage were a must for this shoot.

 The shoot took place on a brisk October morning at one of our favorite local parks.  Once our photographer arrived, we threw off our coats, wrapped ourselves in the blankets and started the shoot.  As you can see in the pictures, I could not stop laughing as we were having such a great time!  We are so excited for our wedding in four months!

 I did a lot of DIY projects for this shoot such as constructing a cake  stand from wood and a candlestick, making my own delicious chocolate  dipped apples and creating my own save the date stickers out of Kraft  sticker paper and white crayon.


IMG_0658 IMG_0659 IMG_0661 IMG_0664 IMG_0665 IMG_0667 IMG_0670 IMG_0671 IMG_0673 IMG_0674 IMG_0690 IMG_0691 IMG_0693 IMG_0697 IMG_0723 IMG_0730 IMG_0745 IMG_0787 IMG_0803 IMG_0850 IMG_0867 IMG_0871 IMG_0875 IMG_0878 IMG_0886 IMG_0897 IMG_0907 IMG_0949unnamed

  Stylist:  A Vogue Affair

 Photographer: Ally Boop Photography 


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