three is a great number

Three great things happened while I started the 90 Days of Mindfulness…

1. I bought a Canon Rebel and a 50mm lens to help me with my photography and my blog.  I just recently received the lens in the mail and cannot wait to start shooting. I do not think I would have made this jump without the support of the “90 Days of Mindfulness” page inspiring me daily.


2. My husband and I just got a baby puppy named Lola. She is a purebred pit bull and is theLOVE OF MY LIFE. She has a very special place in my heart and put so much joy into my world. I cannot wait to use my camera on her! In fact, this weekend we plan on doing some fun photos while she is still very little. Stay tuned on the blog…


3. I recently did a photo shoot with Felicity Murphy Photography. By recently, I mean yesterday.  It was one of the most fun shoots I have ever done. I wanted to use these photos for my blog as well as my website ( and she knew exactly how to capture “the look” I was going for.


Stay tuned for some exciting photos by me and by Felicity Murphy Photography!



 Felicity Murphy Photography

Hair and Makeup By: @BeautyBlushNBrozner

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