my [go to] snacks

Some people may know that I have a fitness facebook page called, “Leah Potosky Fitness”.  I am an NPC bikini competitor and an avid clean eater.  The biggest question that I get asked is, “what are some of my go to healthy snacks?”

Check below to find out some of my favs…


 frozen berries


rice cakes with topping


roasted chickpeas


zucchini chips


sweet potato fries


raw almonds


quest bars


protein shake

I. love to freeze raspberries or blueberries… these give me a pop of energy during the day.

2 My favorite rice cake toppings include:

nut butter

hummus with cucumber

pizza sauce and shredded almond cheese

nut butter and enjoy life chocolate chips

nut butter with banana

homemade jam

greek yogurt and berries

avocado and shredded chicken

3. I like to mix my roasted chickpeas with cumin, paprika and olive oil

4. I do these in the oven instead of a dehydrator and it still turns out quite crispy!

5. I usually top my sweet potato with cinnamon… I might try nut butter next… yum!

6. I would say raw almonds and cashews are my #1 grab and go snack. So simple yet so delicious.

7. Quest bars are so delicious and packed full of protein.  I like to eat them right after my workout with a piece of fruit.

My top 5 favorite flavors below:

– White Chocolate Raspberry

– Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

– Lemon Cream Pie

– Cinnamon Roll

– Cookies and Cream

8. Right now my “go to” protein shake is a scoop of About Time Vanilla Whey Isolate protein

and a cup of mixed frozen berries with water.  Totally fresh and totally delicious.

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