Love in Pastels [middleburg, va]

This styled shoot was created by Sheaulee Ng Photography and me in May 2013.






From the bride:

“Adam and Jen met in 2006. He was a Marine and she was a sailor in the Navy. Both were stationed in Washington, DC, where Jen’s command helped issue new Marines their paperwork into the military CAC system. Adam, who was an NCO (non-commission officer), worked directly under the Colonel, and was in charge of all new Marines checking on board to the command at 8th and I.  He would take his new Marines to Jen’s office and the rest was history.
Their first date was actually quite the disaster. They went on a group date, where the other couple decided to have the worst fight of their relationship and Jen ended up with Laryngitis in a matter of hours and completely lost her voice. A blessing Adam would actually appreciate today. However, even in the first weekend and after months of friendship, he took care of her for two nights. Shortly after, they made it official. In the true, fast-paced military fashion, Adam and Jen dated for over year before getting married.
On a very cold day in February 2008, they were married in a small ceremony. Adam was very traditional and asked for permission from Jen’s dad to marry his daughter and Jeff couldn’t have been happier.
Even the difference in culture was a funny barrier they overcame in their relationship. Being a country girl from a small town in Ohio, Jen was used to the dark night sky and open fields. The first time she brought Adam home, he learned she had cows at the edge of her town, no stop lights in a 20 mile radius and combine tractors in the fields that he even snapped photos of to send home, since he’d never seen one in real life. Jen was fascinated with Adam’s hometown of Long Island, the beaches of the Hamptons, New York and the city life. New York City has become her favorite destination to go shopping and see nothing but lights. Also, with his family being Italian, she had to get used to every single person kissing her cheek, whereas Adam had to learn that her family enjoyed the activity of watching NASCAR.
Five years later, they have lived in Fairfax since their marriage began; have two cats and a chihuahua. They have separated from the military, utilized their GI Bills, earned their degrees and now both work for MassMutual.
They frequently travel back and forth to their home states to visit family and spend their free time going to the movies, trying new restaurants and going for hikes.”


Sheaulee and I decided on a romantic outdoor styled shoot near the historic village of Middleburg, VA.  This couple never had wedding photos from their big day so they were the perfect bride and groom for this styled shoot.

Although the weather was quite chilly and was about to snow at any minute, the bride and groom were brave enough to push through the cold and give us that one of a kind shoot we were looking for.

We incorporated pastels into the mix with a touch of gold.  Details included a mint cake powdered with coconut shavings along with pastel pink and mint doughnuts dusted with adorable white sprinkles, all made by (insert name).  These desserts were decorated with glittered signs labeled “yummy!” “love is sweet“ and a heart flag.  The doughnuts rested on top of gold lined saucers that were brought back from Istanbul.

Multiple items were held by the couple such as sea foam green block letters that wrote out “love”, a glittery gold and green handmade “love you” sign and a glitter gold heart that the bride held… which portrayed some sass.

Petite glass jars filled with gold glitter hung from pink and gold ribbon on the trees. It gave the bride and groom a whimsical backdrop.

The baby’s breath and pink carnations were the flowers of choice because of their elegance and simplicity.

Of course, a champagne toast was added to the shoot because we thought this was worthy of a celebration!

The bride did her own hair and makeup.  She added a pearl necklace into her hair for a unique twist.  The gown was a (insert kind of gown) that added a touch of romanticism to the shoot. The groom (a former marine) wore a gray suit accessorized with his Marine Corps pin.

A Vogue Affair

Sheaulee Ng Photography

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